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About Our Clinic

After their time at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Clark Dickinson and Dr. BJ McNeill were seeking a facility to 'set up shop' near their home in Chesterfield. Veterinarian Dr. Ernest Liptak owned and operated the former Bordentown Veterinary Hospital at our current site, which Drs. Dickinson and McNeill rented, starting in 1978. A few years later, they purchased the facility from Dr. Liptak.

We've been in operation here ever since. In 2007, their son Brent took control of the daily practice operations, helping move forward with projects to help the clinic modernize and organize. Since then, numerous changes have occured, including the design and publishing of this website, improvements to the property (both inside and out), and advancements in technology and equipment at the clinic.

Our customers have remarked that they see the difference a family-owned and -operated clinic makes. We agree! We invite you to make your pets a part of our family, as well.