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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction 

As a dog ages, changes in the brain may result in a neurologic degeneration called cognitive Dysfunction.
The following are signs that a dog may have cognitive dysfunction:

Often fearful 
Does not want to eat new things
Does not want to try new activities

Lost in familiar places 
Fails to recognize familiar people or animals
Stares at nothing

Aimless wandering, especially at night
Trouble finding and using doors
Difficulty negotiating stairs
Becomes stuck in corners of the room

House Soiling
Soiling in the house in dogs that were housebroken

Does not want to play
Does not want to go for walks
Does not want to interact with owners
Walks away while being petted

Forgets to eat or drink
Does not respond to name
Does not heed familiar commands (eg: sit, stay)

Learning Difficulties
Trouble learning or relearning commands or tricks

Spends all night pacing around
Will not settle down to sleep at night
Sleeps all day