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Halloween Tricks

Our Top 7 Tips for Having a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Halloween can be a very fun holiday for you and your family, but tricks can but a dent in your treats. Take  look at these tips to help Halloween stay un-scary.

Keep Outdoor Cats Inside for a few days before and after Halloween
Cats, especially black cats, become the unfortunate target of many Halloween-related "pranks". For example, cats have been found hung on people's yards after mischief night. Keeping your outdoor cats in reduces their likelehood of becoming prey to these trouble-makers. Also, the excitement of trick-or-treaters sends many cats running into traffic.

Keep Pets Confined and Away From the Door
A wise old vet said it best-- "A door that is closed cannot let loose a pet". Does your door stay closed on Halloween? Yeah right! Putting your pets in another room and keeping them cooped up keeps them and trick-or-treaters safe. Even if your pet is friendly, a child could do something that scares or harms them, causing them to bite out of protection. Don't take the risk of a Halloween lawsuit-- put them away and keep them there.

Halloween Candy Isn't for Pets!

Cocoa, one of the leading ingredients in chocolate-based candies, is toxic to pets. Also, sugar, nuts and other fillers will most likely give your pet diarrhea. Feed your pets dog or cat food (depending on the species). Makes sense, doesn't it? While we're on the subject, Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in many chewing gums and candies, can kill a dog in small quantities. Have children to sort candy on a table and in a shallow tray or box. This keeps candies off the floor where pets can get to them.

Keep Plant Decorations Out of Reach
Even non-toxic plants can cause major gastric upset. Keep plants like mums (toxic to dogs & cats) and cornstalks outside and away from where pets visit. The emergency room visit cost isn't worth it. Trust us.

The Best Pet Costume is the "Loved Pet"
Costumes for the "Loved Pet" look are available wherever collars and ID tags are sold, because a loved pet wears just that: a collar with an ID tag. Give your pet a superhero power, too-- implant them with a microchip. Lots of pets get loose on Halloween. Can you imagine trying to go around to find them during trick-or-treating hours?

Electrical Wires are Shocking
The electric cords people power Halloween displays carry 120 volts- that's enough to kill a person, so it's more than enough to kill your pet. Also, pets getting stuck in the wires can pull them, causing displays, lights and other objects to fall, injuring them, you, or the worst-case scenario- trick-or-treaters. Tape loose wires and keep them away from anyplace anything could get snagged on them.

Jack-O-Lanterns Can Spark-A-Fire
Keep lit jack-o-lanterns clear of anywhere pets can come in contact with them. Cats often burn their tails when rubbing around pumpkins with lit candles inside. Also, pets can get excited and tip pumkpins, sending a lit candle and hot wax onto the floor and often near curtains and other flammable materials. If you're worried, pick up a battery-operated pumpkin light.