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Your Hospitalized Pet

Sometimes, be it for surgery or illness, your pet may need to stay the night with us. The following information has been prepared to help ease your nerves and answer the questions you may have.


After completing a surgical procedure at our clinic, your pet will "wake up" in a controlled, caged environment to ensure its safety and comfort. A veterinary technician or veterinarian will attend to your pet during this time. Once fully awake, your pet will receive consistent check-ins, similar to a nurse visiting a patient's room at a hospital. Our recovery room is heated and dim, to promote comfortable rest and relaxation. We play classical music in the recovery room, as well, which has been proven to help patient recovery.


When your pet is ready to be released, you will be contacted, or notified when you contact our offices at a previously noted date and time. Your pet will receive an examination by the veterinarian before leaving our facility, which is included in the procedure/hospitalization fee. At the time of pick-up, a veterinary technician or veterinarian will go over the home care guidelines with you to ensure your understanding. A print-out of these guidelines will also be given to you at pick-up.

Checking Up On Your Pet

We welcome owners to call us when their pets are hospitalized to "check up" on them. This being said, a daily call is sufficient, as we would most certainly contact you if there was a problem. Generally speaking, we welcome a phone call at around 9:30am daily, so our staff has adequate time to provide care and properly assess the pet's status before your call.


Because your pet is with us to get better, we generally recommend no visits, so they can rest and recover. Certain situations present a need for visitation, which is only allowed at the consent of the veterinarian. If you have a special request, such as leaving a favorite blanket or item with your pet, or even delivering messages, we will do our best to honor them. There's no such thing as a silly request, as we understand the bond between animals and their humans!