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Don't be a Turkey on Thanksgiving

Keep your pets out of the ER with these handy tips

Thousands of pets will end up at animal emergency centers this Thursday and Friday. The #1 cause? Human Stupidity! That's right-- pets are put into terrible and life-threatening situations that cost their owners LOTS of money, all because we get ourselves into such a fuss about the holidays that we don't pay attention to SIMPLE things.

Cut Out the Meat
When people feed pets Thanksgiving food like turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, what they're really doing is giving them diarrhea. Pets don't need all that mess. Pets eat pet food. Makes sense, right? Tell your guests to follow YOUR rules. Rule #1- no table food for the pets. Simply can't resist? Give them a KONG toy stuffed with frozen peanut butter.

Dropping Bombs
While cooking, it's easy to drop bits of food on the floor, where pets can get to them. No big deal- since you've already put your pets away in a confined area, you should have nothing to worry about! There's a lot of good reasons to put them away-- pearl onions, turkey bones, potatoes, and bread dough all lead to major gastrointestinal upset, intestinal blockages, and sometimes, death.

Sage Yourself The Trouble

We didn't spell that wrong- Sage, the herb, is toxic to pets, and is commonly used in stuffing. Go ahead and use it, just be careful around pets! Cats especially seem to enjoy the smell of sage and tend to chew/ingest it. Again, keep the pets away from all kitchen and food preparation areas to avoid trouble.

Tag Your Turkeys
When guests arrive and your front door is opened and closed, and often left open for extended periods of time, it's a perfect opportunity for your pets to escape. Make sure your pet's collar is not worn out, but make sure it IS worn- BY YOUR PET! Check ID tags for accuracy, and have your pet microchipped!